CRI Endorses Larry Hamm For US Senate

Lawrence Hamm is running in the upcoming 2020 Democractic Primary for the United States Senate. If you’re a Democrat in New Jersey, there’s a good chance you already know who Larry Hamm is. If you don’t, then allow us to introduce you: Mr. Hamm is the founder and chairman of the People’s Organization for Progress, an organization that has been fighting for racial, social, and economic justice for nearly 50 years. POP stands as a model of an uncompromising, fighting organization that embraces grassroots organizing, activism, and commitment to purpose. With Mr. Hamm at the helm, POP has fought against American imperialism and military misadventures, has fought for effective oversight into fatal police shootings, and more progressive causes than could be adequately listed here. Mr. Hamm is also the chairman of Bernie Sanders’ New Jersey 2020 campaign. 

Cooper River Indivisible’s Steering Committee recently conducted a Zoom interview with Mr. Hamm to assess our ability to endorse his candidacy. His opponent in the race is Cory Booker, the incumbent Senator, who was also invited to an endorsement interview. Booker’s campaign did not respond to this invitation. 

We came away from the interview convinced that Mr. Hamm would make, not just an excellent Senator, but an exemplary one. CRI’s Steering Committee voted unanimously to endorse his candidacy.

Mr. Hamm’s qualifications are too numerous to list briefly, so we will offer a quick snapshot instead: 

  1. Hamm is the most progressive candidate in the race, by far. He supports Medicare For All, $15 minimum wage, free college tuition and an end to student debt, a Green New Deal, ending the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen, and making millionaires, billionaires, banks, and corporations pay their fair share of taxes. It is not an exaggeration to say that his platform matches our advocacy work nearly exactly. 
  2. Hamm’s experience as an advocate, activist, and organizer brings a desperately-needed perspective to Congress. There are too many people in Congress that have no experience or knowledge about working with real people at a grassroots, ground level. We need more people making decisions in the halls of power who have done the work to improve the lives of our people with their own hands. 
  3. Hamm is unapologetic in his advocacy for progressive causes. Too many politicians are progressive until the primary ends, and then immediately tack to the center. Mr. Hamm is a longtime advocate for the progressive policies our nation desperately needs, and we trust him to still be progressive after the primary. 

With enthusiasm and sincerity, we are elated to endorse Lawrence Hamm for United States Senate in the June 2nd Democratic primary election.

You can make a financial contribution to Mr. Hamm’s candidacy here:

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